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TechEdge, from The Scientist, is a tool that was developed to help scientists choose the right technologies to answer their research questions. Every TechEdge feature will include a high-quality, well-researched article and a number of sponsored platform-review videos. TechEdge articles inform researchers about what parameters and features are most valuable to their work, while TechEdge videos give scientists the ability to find the best fit for your research.

Recent Features
Multicolor Flow Cytometry
Multicolor Flow Cytometry
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Nov 9, 2018
The ideal flow cytometer will vary for each individual depending on their own research needs and goals. Identifying that ideal mix of technical power, experimental adaptability, and user-friendliness will go a long way towards finding an instrument that suits not only today’s projects, but also tomorrow’s.
Single-Cell Sequencing & Analysis
Single-Cell Sequencing & Analysis
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Oct 25, 2018
SCS is a powerful tool in the scientist’s arsenal for linking genetic variation to disease and pathogenesis. Finding the right instrument is pivotal for obtaining the data you want!
What Is Tech<em>Edge</em>?
What Is TechEdge?
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Oct 1, 2018
NEW! TechEdge from The Scientist. Discover new technologies and apply them to your research.